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Battery Type -


Lumen Output -

1 to 12000 Lumens


Application -


Safety Rating +


Application Subcategory +


Number Of Batteries +

1 to 8 Bateries


Run Time +

0 to 500 Hours


Beam Distance +

1 to 11483 Feet


Min Light Output +

1 to 4000 Lumens


Price +

$0 to $2875


Key Characteristics +


Length +

0 to 60 Inches


Head Diameter +

0 to 20 Inches


Body Diameter +

0 to 15 Inches


Bulb Type +


Switch Style +


Body Material +


Led Color Temperature +


Water Resistance +


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AE Light

AE Light - Flashlights and Dive Lights

AE Light offers outstanding flashlight products for a variety of uses. The AE LifeLight, for example, is both a dive light and an emergency light depending on your needs. The AE Light Xenide 20W HID Handheld Searchlight is a rechargeable searchlight that comes with 1,200 lumens and a 2,500 foot beam range. The AE Mini Pistol Light is designed to fit standard rails. Made with high-quality anodized aluminum, it can accommodate right or left hands (features a 300 foot beam range).

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AE Light Xenide AEX20-EP 20W HID Handheld Searchlight | Intrinsically Safe
AE Light Xenide 20W HID Handheld Searchlight

Output: 1200 lumens
Battery Type: li-ion rechargeable
Run Time: 1.5 hrs
Feature: intrinsically safe, 2,500 foot beam range



AE LifeLight Intrinsically Safe Flashlight | Dive Light
AE LifeLight

Output: 270 lumens
Battery Type: AA
Run Time: 1-5 hrs
Feature: intrinsically safe waterproof flashlight



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