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Battery Type -


Lumen Output -

1 to 12000 Lumens


Brand -


Safety Rating +


Application Subcategory +


Origin Country +


Number Of Batteries +

1 to 8 Bateries


Run Time +

0 to 500 Hours


Beam Distance +

1 to 11483 Feet


Min Light Output +

1 to 4000 Lumens


Brightness Levels +


Price +

$0 to $2875


Key Characteristics +


Length +

0 to 60 Inches


Head Diameter +

0 to 20 Inches


Body Diameter +

0 to 15 Inches


Bulb Type +


Switch Style +


Body Material +


Water Resistance +


Intensity +

1 to 12000000 cp


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Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light with Magnets Rechargeable XPR-5522GM
Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light Rechargeable

Output: 400, 240 or 175 lumens
Battery Type: Lithium-ion rechargeable (1)
Run Time: 4.75 to 8.5 hours
Feature: intrinsically safe, spotlight, floodlight and dual lighting



Pelican 3315R-RA Right Angle Rechargeable Light
Pelican 3315R-RA Right Angle Rechargeable Light

Output: 132 or 15 lumens
Battery Type: Rechargeable LiFePO4
Run Time: 5 or 34 hours
Feature: Intrinsically safe rechargeable right angle light



Pelican 3315R Rechargeable Flashlight
Pelican 3315R Rechargeable Flashlight

Output: 132 or 15 lumens
Battery Type: LiFePO4, 3.2V, 1500mAH, 4.8Wh
Run Time: 5 to 34 hours
Feature: rechargeable work light; intrinsically safe, Class I Div 1



Koehler Bright Star Responder RA Right Angle LED
Responder RA Right Angle LED

Output: 205 or 220 lumens high
Battery Type: AA alkaline (6) or lithium ion rechargeable (1)
Run Time: 4 or 17 hours
Feature: intrinsically safe; spot beam; now available in Pink

From $67.25$73.33


Bright Star Lighthawk LED Lantern Gen II
Bright Star Lighthawk LED Gen II

Output: 225 or 100 lumens
Battery Type: lithium ion rechargeable
Run Time: 8 or 16 hours
Feature: tightly focused spot beam; rear facing LEDs provide visibility from behind

From $239.00$278.79


Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Dual Light Angle Light
Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Angle Light

Output: 200 to 20 lumens
Battery Type: rechargeable li-ion or AA (6)
Run Time: 6 to 30 hours
Feature: intrinsically safe, MSHA approved; spot and flood lighting



Streamlight Knucklehead HAZ-LO Spot Intrinsically Safe Worklight
Streamlight Knucklehead HAZ-LO Spot Worklight

Output: 150-1.3 lumens
Battery Type: Ni-Cd rechargeable or AA alkaline
Run Time: 3.5-12 hrs
Feature: intrinsically safe worklight with spot beam; good for utility, oil, gas, industrial

From $96.72$285.38


Streamlight Knucklehead HAZ-LO Flood intrinsically safe work light
Streamlight Knucklehead HAZ-LO Flood Work Light

Output: 163-1.3 lumens
Battery Type: Ni-Cd rechargeable or AA alkaline
Run Time: 3.75-12 hours
Feature: intrinsically safe work light; good for utility, oil, gas industrial applications

From $96.72$285.38


Pelican 9415 Safety Approved Lantern
Pelican 9415 Safety Approved Lantern

Output: 413-159 lumens
Battery Type: Ni-MH rechargeable
Run Time: 4.5-12 hours
Feature: Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments; 2 brightness levels



AE Light Xenide AEX20-EP 20W HID Handheld Searchlight
AE Light Xenide 20W HID Handheld Searchlight

Output: 1200 lumens
Battery Type: li-ion rechargeable
Run Time: 1.5 hrs
Feature: intrinsically safe, 2,500 foot beam range



Streamlight PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO
Streamlight PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO

Output: 130-1.3 lumens
Battery Type: nicad 4.8v
Run Time: 4-12 hrs
Feature: safety rated for use in hazardous locations; rechargeable

From $102.50$232.78


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