BrightGuy offers an array of flashlights – from camping lanterns to tactical flashlights that law enforcement personnel rely on daily. Buy flashlights that are well suited to your needs.

Below are links to popular flashlights that we carry.

Fenix Tactical Flashlights
Buy Fenix flashlights – penlights, bike lights, headlamps, tactical lights and more.

Streamlight Helmet Flashlights
Buy Streamlight flashlights, helmet lights, clip lights, pack lights, lanterns, floodlights and more.

SureFire Tactical Flashlights
Buy Surefire flashlights, combat lights, outdoorsmen lights, military spec lights, tactical lights and more.

Bike Flashlights
Get the latest front and rear facing bike flashlights at BrightGuy.

Camping Flashlights
For outdoor safety and convenience, get camping flashlights at BrightGuy.

Military Flashlights
Outstanding tactical lights that can stand up to the rigors of combat.

Firefighter Flashlights
Latest firefighter flashlights at BrightGuy.

Camping Lanterns
Check out the latest LED camping lanterns at BrightGuy – ideal for hikers, campers and other occasions.

Law Enforcement Flashlights
BrightGuy offers outstanding law enforcement flashlights, including rechargeable models from top manufacturers.