Bayco Rechargeable Work Light SLR2166

Bayco Rechargeable Work Light SLR2166

The NIghtstick SLR-2166 Rechargeable Worklight has a convenient toggle switch to select 120 lumen floodlight or 12 lumen spotlight. The internal NiMH battery fully charges in 8 hours with 4 hours of runtime using the bright floodlight or up to 18 hours of runtime using the spotlight (6 LEDs in the bottom of the Work Light. This Bayco Work Light has a “smart charger” which means you can leave it on charge so that it’s always fully charged and ready when you need it. The hanging hook can be used on the top of Bayco SLR-2166 Work Light or positioned mid body. This Bayco Work Light will also attach to a metal surface via the side magnet……$44.95

  • Output: 230-32 lumens
  • Battery Type: internal NiMH rechargeable
  • Run Time: 3-10 hrs
  • Weight w/Batteries: 9.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 14.25″L

$59.94 $44.95

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What’s included: Nightstick SLR-2166 Rechargeable Work Light with NiMH rechargeable battery, magnetic hook, AC (home-120V) & DC (car) charging cords

Features of the Nightstick 66 LED Rechargeable Work Light SLR-2166:
• dual function spotlight and floodlight with 66 white LEDs
• 60 LED floodlight – 230 lumens with 3 hours of runtime
• 6 LED spotlight – 32 lumens with 10 hours of runtime
• powered by internal NiMH rechargeable battery, included
• 3 position rocker switch to select floodlight, spotlight or off
• dual position magnetic hook attaches to top or side
• fully charges in 8 hours
• red charging indicator turns off when charging is complete
• keep the work light plugged into the charger to maintain a trickle charge (safe to leave on charge)
• will stand upright on a flat surface
• measures 14.25″ long (not including hook)
• weighs 9.5 oz with battery
• impact resistant

Switching of Nightstick 66 LED LED Rechargeable Work Light SLR-2166:
• toggle up for 230 lumen floodlight
• toggle down for 32 lumen spotlight (6 LEDs on bottom)


Battery#: internal NiMH rechargeable
Dimensions: 14.25″L
Lamp Type: 66 white LEDs
Light Output: 230-32 lumens
Weight w/batteries: 9.5 oz
Run Time: 3-10 hrs
Charging Time: 8 hours
Focus Type: fixed focus, wide lighting pattern
On/Off: rocker switch
Material: plastic
Origin: made in China
Warranty: One year limited warranty through Bayco.

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: SLR-2166; UPC: 017398800259; Bayco Rechargeable Work Light Yellow body SLR-2166, includes AC (home) and DC (car) charge cords

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Bayco Rechargeable Work Light SLR2166

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Bayco Rechargeable Work Light SLR2166