Bright Star Razor Helmet Lighting Package

Bright Star Razor Helmet Lighting Package

Bundle includes 100 lumen Bright Star Razor flashlight and a Universal Helmet Mount Clip…..$41.95

  • Output: 100 lumens
  • Battery Type: 3 x AA alkaline
  • Run Time: 100 hrs
  • Feature: Razor flashlight + helmet clip bundle
  • Dimensions: 7.1″ x 1.75″
  • Origin Country: Made in the USA

$54.24 $41.95


Bundle includes a Bright Star Razor flashlight with a green body and white LED (part number KOE60101) and an Underwater Kinetics Universal Helmet Clip (part number UND14819). Package savings is $2.80 off regular price!

The Bright Star Razor WorkSafe flashlight is intrinsically safe to Zone Zero (Equivalent to UL Rating – Class 1 Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D, T4 and Class II Division 1 Groups E, F, G, T4). The Razor has a 125 lumen output with a measured beam distance of 557 feet. The Bright Star Razor has the highest safety rating available – . The lightweight and durable nylon body is designed with knurling for a sure grip in all weather conditions.

Bright Star Razor LED flashlight:
• intrinsically safe, Zone Zero rating
     equivalent to UL rating – Class I Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D;
     Class II Division 1 Groups E, F, G
• advanced LED technology (no need for replacement bulbs)
• 100 lumens
• measured beam distance of 170m (557 feet)
• LED light is whiter and appears brighter to the eye
• deep dish reflector focuses the light from the high output LED
• ergonomically designed with a pushbutton switch that is positioned near the head for
     easy accessibility
• knurled design allows for a maximum grip and better control even with wet hands
• watertight seal for wet environments (not dive rated)
• constructed of super tough nylon
• measures 7.1″ long
• powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries, not included
• 22 hour runtime
• long distance, tightly focused beam
• limited warranty through Bright Star Lighting (Koehler)
• made in the USA

Underwater Kinetics UK 4AA Universal Helmet Clip attaches to any helmet for hands-free lighting. This helmet bracket also fits the UK 4AA and UK 3AA CPO eLED flashlights. The Clip will fit slotted and non-slotted hard hats, full brim, fire and bump helmets. Will also clamp to ear muffs and visors. The kit includes one bracket that the flashlight fits into and two different helmet mounts.

Both the Razor and the Universal Helmet Clip are proudly made in the USA.


Battery#:AA alkaline (3)
Dimensions:7.1" x 1.75"
Lamp Type:LED
Light Output:125 lumens
Weight w/batteries:6 oz
Run Time:24 hours
Focus Type:Fixed
Material:Nylon Polymer
Origin:Made in the USA
Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty through Bright Star Lighting

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P/N: N/A; Bright Star Razor & Helmet Clip Package, Green

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Bright Star Razor Helmet Lighting Package

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Bright Star Razor Helmet Lighting Package