CR 2016 Lithium Battery

CR 2016 Lithium Battery

CR2016 Lithium coin cell battery – sold individually. Lithium Battery Shipping – Due to shipping restrictions on Lithium batteries, delivery of an order containing this item make take up to 14 days with the FREE shipping option at checkout.…..$2.95

  • Feature: CR2016 lithium battery; sold individually

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CR2016 Lithium Battery. Used in White, Green, Blue, Purple and Turquoise MicroLights. Two batteries are needed per light.

Note: US federal regulation prohibits transport of lithium batteries through the post office. Also, this item is limited to shipment within the US only.



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P/N: 2016; Maxell CR2016 Lithium Batteries, 1 each

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CR 2016 Lithium Battery

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CR 2016 Lithium Battery