EOS Tactical

EOS Tactical

includes red, green and blue interchangeable lenses – made in the USA…..$47.99

  • Output: 45 lumens
  • Battery Type: 3 AAA alkaline, lithium or rechargeable
  • Run Time: 2 hrs high, 9 hrs med, 44 hrs low
  • Weight w/Batteries: 3.6 oz
  • Dimensions: 2.5″
  • Material: polymer




The Princeton Tec EOS Tactical headlamp now with 45 lumens in high has a flip-up colored lens allowing you to choose white light or colored light (includes red, blue and green interchangeable lenses). The easy-to-change lens filter system is designed for specific nighttime activities: red for preserving night vision, blue for blood tracking and green for hunter safety. Princeton Tec Tactical EOS with 1 watt MaxBright LED has 3 light intensities – in the brigthest mode the EOS Tactical can shine up to 183 feet (56m). In addition, the EOS Tactical head pivots 90 degrees allowing you to direct the light where needed.

Switch Operation for EOS Tactical:
Modes (low, medium, high and flash) are selected by pressing and releasing the button within 1.5 seconds of the previous button press.

There are two ways to turn the Tactical EOS off. You can cycle through the modes until you reach off or if more than two seconds has passed since the previous button press the next press will turn the light off.

Features of Princeton Tec EOS Tactical LED Headlamp:
– 10,000+ hour 1 watt LED
– current regulated to maintain brightness
– 3 brightness levels plus blinking/signaling mode
– 45 lumens in high, 2 hrs constant brightness plus 4 hrs declining light
– medium, 10 hrs constant brightness plus 4 hrs declining light
– low, 44 hours constant brightness plus 16 hours declining light
– waterproof to 1 meter (not dive rated)
– hinged bracket to direct light
– runs on three AAA batteries (includes alkaline)
– can be powered by alkaline, lithium or rechargeable AAA batteries*
– includes adjustable headstrap (no top strap)
– includes alkaline batteries
– includes interchangeable red, green and blue lenses
– made in USA
– lifetime warranty from Princeton Tec

*Lithium batteries offer extended constant brightness time, extreme cold weather performance and lighter weight. Rechargeable NiCad or NiMH batteries may result in reduced brightness due to lower nominal voltage.


Battery#:3 AAA alkaline, lithium or rechargeable
Lamp Type:1 watt Maxbright LED
Light Output:45 lumens
Weight w/batteries:3.6 oz
Run Time:2 hrs high, 9 hrs med, 44 hrs low
Focus Type:fixed
On/Off:push-button switch
Origin:made in USA
Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty through Princeton Tec.

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: EOS-TAC-BK; UPC: 795626012376; Princeton Tec EOS Tactical, Black, 45 lumen model
P/N: EOSR-TAC-SD; UPC: 795626013489; Princeton Tec EOS Tactical, Sand, 45 lumen model

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EOS Tactical

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EOS Tactical