Fenix CL23 Lantern

Fenix CL23 Lantern

The Fenix CL23 is a full-featured AA lantern with both white and red output modes. The Fenix CL23 provides full 360° lighting, front facing light only, down lighting or low light red. Simply press the switch to access any mode. The CL23 is powered by three AA batteries, but will run on just one or two in a pinch. The Fenix CL23 lantern is a great choice for camping, outdoor activities and to have on hand for emergencies. BrightGuy is an authorized Fenix Distributor……$39.95

  • Output: 300, 150, 40, 25 or 2 lumens
  • Battery Type: AA (1, 2 or 3)
  • Run Time: 7.5 to 350 lumens
  • Feature: multi-mode lantern with white and red LEDs
  • Dimensions: 3.3″ tall x 2.18″ wide

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What’s included: Fenix CL23 lantern with integrated handle and tripod socket, batteries and split ring with snap hook

Features of the Fenix CL23 Lantern
• multi-function lantern with down lighting and low light red modes
    ▹ 360° white
    ▹ front facing white
    ▹ down lighting white
    ▹ low light red
    ▹ low light red flashing
• multiple brightness levels
    ☼ High white 360° – 300 lumens, 7.5 hour runtime
    ☼ Medium white 360° – 150 lumens, 13 hour runtime
    ☼ Low white 360° – 40 lumens, 45 hour runtime
    ☼ Front facing white – 25 lumens, 80 hour runtime
    ☼ Down lighting white high – 25 lumens, 80 hour runtime
    ☼ Down lighting white low – 2 lumens, 350 hour runtime
    ☼ Red – 1 lumen, 150 hour runtime
    ☼ Red flashing – 1 lumen, 300 hour runtime
• maximum lighting range of 65 feet (20 meters)
• waterproof to IP66 standard (not dive rated)
• measures 3.3″ tall x 2.18″ wide
• weighs 7.5 ounces
• high quality polymer construction
• runs on one, two or three AA batteries
    ▹ compatible with alkaline and NiMH rechargeable batteries
    ▹ includes alkaline batteries
• integrated metal handle and tripod socket
• pushbutton switch
    ▹ press and hold for 0.5 seconds for on
    ▹ press again to change brightness level or mode
    ▹ from on, double press quickly for red
• always turns on in the last mode used when the lantern was previously switched off
• made in China
• limited 1 year warranty (damage caused by battery leakage not covered)


Battery#:AA (1, 2 or 3)
Dimensions:3.3″ tall x 2.18″ wide
Lamp Type:white and red LEDs
Light Output:300, 150, 40, 25 or 2 lumens
Weight w/batteries:7.5 ounces
Run Time:7.5 to 350 lumens
Focus Type:Wide
Origin:made in China
Warranty:limited 1 year warranty (damage caused by battery leakage not covered)

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P/N: Cl23 Green; UPC: 6942870306032; Fenix CL23 AA Lantern

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Fenix CL23 Lantern

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Fenix CL23 Lantern