Fenix HL18R Rechargeable Headlamp

Fenix HL18R Rechargeable Headlamp

The Fenix HL18R is a USB rechargeable headlamp with spot and flood lighting modes and multiple brightness levels. The HL18R runs on a rechargeable Li-polymer battery (included). For charging, simply attach the included USB cable to the headlamp. This versatile headlamp can also run on three AAA batteries – NiMH rechargeable or alkaline (non-rechargeable). The Fenix HL18R is waterproof – making it a great choice for all your outdoor activities – camping, hiking, running, hunting and fishing……$54.95

  • Output: 400, 130, 70, or 30 lumens
  • Battery Type: Li-polymer rechargeable (1) or AAA (3)
  • Run Time: 8.5 to 80 hours
  • Feature: spot and flood lighting modes

$63.19 $54.95

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What’s included: Fenix HL18R headlamp with rechargeable battery, USB cable and head strap (no crown strap, charging plug adapters available separately)

Features of Fenix HL18R Rechargeable Headlamp:
• lightweight USB rechargeable headlamp
    ▹ twist front bezel to change from flood to spot lighting
• 6 total brightness levels plus SOS
    ☼ Turbo spot – 400 lumens, 8.5 hour run time, 76m beam range
    ☼ High spot – 130 lumens, 12.5 hour run time, 40m beam range
    ☼ Med spot – 70 lumens, 17.5 hour run time, 30m beam range
    ☼ Low spot – 30 lumens, 48 hour run time, 20m beam range
    ☼ High flood – 30 lumens, 54 hour runtime, 10m beam range
    ☼ Low flood – 4 lumens, 145 hour runtime, 5m beam range
    ☼ SOS – 30 lumens, 72 hour runtime
• maximum beam range of 249 feet (76 meters)
• powered by a replaceable Li-polymer rechargeable battery, 1300mAh
    ▹ recharges in 2.5 hours
    ▹ 4 blue status indicators = charging is complete
• can also be powered by three AAA NiMH rechargeable or AAA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
• overheat protection
    ▹ in Turbo, brightness automatically steps down a few lumens to prevent heat damage (until internal temperature is reduced)
• battery status indicators display battery status for 3 seconds when headlamp is activated
    ▹ 4 blue indicators – 81%-100% remaining power
    ▹ 3 blue indicators – 61%-80% remaining power
    ▹ 2 blue indicators – 41%-60% remaining power
    ▹ 1 blue indicator – 21%-40% remaining power
    ▹ 1 flashing blue indicator – 20% or less remaining power
• 2 pushbutton switches – spot switch and flood switch
    ▹ press and hold switch for low
    ▹ press again to increase brightness
    ▹ press and hold switch for off
• lockout mode prevents headlamp from turning on (useful when traveling)
    ▹ press and hold both switches for 3 seconds
    ▹ light will blink 3 times to indicate locked status
    ▹ repeat to unlock
• waterproof to IP66 standard (not dive rated)
• high quality aluminum and polymer construction
• lighting head measures 2.27″ long x 1.67″ wide x 1.46″ high
• weighs 3 ounces
• limited 5 year warranty
• made in China


Battery#:Li-polymer 3.7V, 1.3Ah (1) (Fenix part ARB-LP1300); compatible with AAA NiMH (3) and AAA alkaline (3)
Dimensions:2.27″ long x 1.67″ wide x 1.46″ high
Lamp Type:Cree XP-G3 LED
Light Output:400, 130, 70, or 30 lumens
Weight w/batteries:3 ounces
Run Time:8.5 to 80 hours
Charging Time:2.5 hours
Focus Type:Spot & Flood
Origin:Made in China
Warranty:Limited 5 year warranty

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P/N: HL18R; UPC: 6942870306322 Fenix HL18R Rechargeable Headlamp, 400 lumens

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Fenix HL18R Rechargeable Headlamp

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Fenix HL18R Rechargeable Headlamp