Inova X5 UV Flashlight

Inova X5 UV Flashlight

new model Inova X5 UV (ultraviolet) LED flashlight with 2 brightness levels, 365-400nm; great for leak detection, fraudulent document detection and many more uses ……$35.99

  • Output: 365 – 400 nm
  • Battery Type: CR123
  • Run Time: up to 10 hours
  • Feature: Ultraviolet flashlight with 2 brightness levels
  • Dimensions: 4.7″ L x .875″ W
  • Material: Aluminum

$44.99 $35.99

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The Inova X5 UV LED flashlight now has 2 brightness levels. The Inova X5 Ultraviolet LED flashlight uses 5 lifetime UV LEDs. UV light can be used to cure adhesives, great for most leak detection dyes and fluorescent dyes (spot checking), can also be used for counterfeit bill/document detection, mineralogy, and scorpion/pest detection among other uses. The Inova X5 UV will run for over 17 hours in high and is powered by two 3V lithium batteries (included). The X5 UV is made of aircraft grade hard anodized aluminum. Push the tail cap switch of the X5 for momentary operation or twist for constant on.

What you get: Inova X5 UV flashlight with batteries

Features of Inova X5 LED Flashlight:
• 5 lifetime UV LEDs, 365-400 nanometer wavelength
• 2 brightness levels
     High – runs for 17.5 hours
     Low – runs for 85 hours
• water resistant construction (IPX4 rated)
• tactical end cap switch (easy to operate)
     for momentary on, push for high, release and press again for low
     for constant on high, twist tailcap
     for constant on low, twist on–>off–>on
• powered by 2 ea CR123A lithium batteries (included)
• precision machined aluminum body with high grade anodized finish
• stainless steel head
• measures 4.75″ long x 0.865″ diameter
• weighs 3.5 oz with batteries
• includes X5 UV flashlight with batteries
• engineered and designed in the USA, made in China
• limited lifetime guarantee through NiteIze

WARNING: Do not look directly into device during operation. Exposure to ultraviolet light can damage your eyes.


Battery#: CR123
Dimensions: 4.7″ L x 0.875″ W
Lamp Type: 5 UV LEDs
Light Output: 365 – 400 nm
Weight w/batteries: 3.1 oz
Run Time: 17.5-85 hrs
Focus Type: Fixed
On/Off: Combo, Tail-Cap and Twist
Material: Anodized aluminum
Origin: made in China
Warranty: limited lifetime warranty through Nite Ize

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P/N: X5DMB-HUVT; UPC: 094664020016; Inova X5 ULTRAVIOLET LED, Titanium Body

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Inova X5 UV Flashlight

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Inova X5 UV Flashlight