Klarus 18650 USB Battery 18GT-36UR

Klarus 18650 USB Battery 18GT-36UR

Klarus 18650 battery with integrated micro USB charging port – for use in high drain lights. High quality battery with protective circuitry built in – includes battery only – charging cables and plug adapters are available separately……$19.95

  • Feature: designed for use in Klarus XT30R and other high lumen flashlights

$25.65 $19.95



Features of Klarus18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery with micro USB charge port, 18GT-36UR:
• designed for use in select Klarus flashlights
• LiR 18650 battery with built-in micro USB charging port
    ▹ 3.6 V, 3600 mAh, 12.96 WH
• 10A continuous discharge current
• reliable high performance protected circuitry
    ▹ protected from over charging, over discharging and overheating
    ▹ short circuit protected
• good for approximately 500 charge cycles
• sold individually
• made in China


Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: 18GT-36UR; UPC: 402497; Klarus 18650 USB battery – 3600mAh with 10A discharge

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Klarus 18650 USB Battery 18GT-36UR

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Klarus 18650 USB Battery 18GT-36UR