LED Lenser SEO 5 Headlamp

LED Lenser SEO 5 Headlamp

Promotional Sale Price on LED Lenser MH2 Headlamp – price marked is an additional 15% off (while quantities last).

The LED Lenser SEO5 headlamp is super lightweight and features an Advanced Focus System that gives you full focusing control from wide area lighting to a narrow spot beam. It is a great choice for outdoor sports, work applications and around the house. The main white LED is good for general use, and a low light red LED preserves night vision and is great for around the campsite at night……$42.50

  • Output: 180 or 20 lumens
  • Battery Type: AAA (3)
  • Run Time: 7 to 20 hours
  • Feature: adjustable focus headlamp, main white LED plus low-light red LED

$50.00 $42.50



What’s included: LED Lenser SEO 5 headlamp with adjustable head strap and batteries

Features of LED Lenser SEO5 headlamp with adjustable focus:
• Advanced Focus System
    ☼ adjust focus from wide area lighting to a spot beam (with white LED)
    ☼ twist white bezel to adjust focus
• 2 brightness levels with white LED:
    ☼ High – 180 lumens, 7 hour runtime, 120m beam range (393 feet)
    ☼ Low – 20 lumens, 20 hour runtime, 40m beam range (131 feet)
• single brightness red LED:
    ☼ preserves night vision
    ☼ good for night use and camping
• pushbutton switching
    ☼ press and release for high white
    ☼ press again within 2 seconds and release for low
    ☼ or press again within 2 seconds and hold for dimming feature
    ☼ to switch to red LED, from off, press and hold until red LED is on
    ☼ from off, press & hold switch for 5 seconds to enable lock mode (prevents activation)
• integrated carabiner clip on head strap
• runs on three AAA alkaline batteries
• weighs 3.7 ounces with batteries
• water resistant
• includes headlamp with alkaline batteries
• made in China
• limited 5 year warranty through LED Lenser USA


Battery#:AAA (3)
Lamp Type:3 white LEDs, 1 red LED
Light Output:180 or 20 lumens
Weight w/batteries:3.7 oz
Run Time:7 to 20 hours
Focus Type:Adjustable Focus
Origin:made in China
Warranty:limited 5 year warranty through LED Lenser USA

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: 880302; UPC: 847706061207; LED Lenser SEO5 Headlamp, Gray – 180 lumens – 15% off Promo
P/N: 880304; UPC: 847706010380; LED Lenser SEO5 Headlamp, Red – 180 lumens – 15% off Promo

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LED Lenser SEO 5 Headlamp

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LED Lenser SEO 5 Headlamp