Millite Finger Light

Millite Finger Light

Millite Finger Light is a finger-mounted LED light that features to output modes – high and low. Dual switches allow for right or left hand operation. For on/off, just momentarily press one or both switches. To change output mode, turn the light on, then press and hold one or both switches. Choice of two models: NVG LED or white LED. The Millite with NVG LED has been specially designed for aviators using Gen II/III class A&B Aviator Night Vision imaging systems (ANVIS). …..$55.20

  • Output: not rated
  • Battery Type: LR44 (3)
  • Run Time: not rated
  • Feature: choice of 2 models – white LED or NVG LED
  • Dimensions: 2″ long




What’s included: Millite Finger light with batteries

Features of Millite Finger Light:
• Choice of two models
    ▹ NVG (Night Vision Green) – designed for aviators using Gen II/III class A&B Aviator Night Vision imaging systems (ANVIS)
    ▹ White LED
• velcro strap adjusts to fit; will fit over gloves
• dual pushbutton switches
• works on either right or left hand
• on/off operation by pressing one or both switches
• high and low output modes
• automatically turns off after 8 minutes of continuous operation
• rubber body
• O-ring sealed
• white model feature a blinking mode
• waterproof to 5 ft; not dive rated
• powered by three LR44 batteries, included


Battery#: LR44 (3)
Dimensions: 2″ long
Lamp Type: LED
Light Output: not rated
Weight w/batteries: 1.1 oz
Run Time: not rated
Focus Type: Fixed
On/Off: Pushbutton
Material: Polymer
Origin: made in Israel
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty through IPU/Millite in Israel

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: WHITE; Millite Finger Light, White LED
P/N: NVG; UPC: 7290010754007; Millite Finger Light, NVG LED

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Millite Finger Light

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Millite Finger Light