Nightstick Intrant Intrinsically Safe Dual Light

Nightstick Intrant Intrinsically Safe Dual Light

The Nightstick Intrant™ Dual-Light™ Angle Light is Intrinsically Safe for use in hazardous environments. The front facing LED provides a bright spot beam especially designed to cut through smoke. A down facing LED provides area lighting. The Nightstick Intrant has 2 switches located on the sides. One switch controls the front spot and the other controls the downward facing LED. Both LEDs can be on at the same time for maximum lighting. The Nightstick Intrant is available in a non-rechargeable model that runs on three AA batteries or a rechargeable model that runs on a Li-ion rechargeable battery. (Rechargeable model can also run on three AA batteries using the included AA battery carrier.)

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  • Output: 205, 200, 110 or 60 lumens
  • Battery Type: AA (3) or Li-ion rechargeable
  • Run Time: 11 to 33 hours
  • Feature: Intrinsically Safe; spot + flood lighting
  • Dimensions: 6.6″ long x 2.1″ head diameter x 2.6″ wide

  • California Proposition 65 WARNING:

    This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


SKU: BAYXPP5566RX-Parent


What’s included: Nightstick™ Intrant™ Intrinsically Safe Angle Light, choice of AA model or rechargeable model; rechargeable models include rechargeable battery, fast charge base with AC-home and DC-car charge cords and AA battery carrier; AA models include AA batteries

Features of Nightstick Intrant Dual-Light Angle Light:
• Intrinsically Safe, front facing spot and downward facing flood lighting
• safety approved for use in hazardous environments
    ▹ Intrinsically Safe
    ▹ Class I Div 1 Grps A-D T3
    ▹ Class II & III Div 1 Grps E-G T135°C
    ▹ Class I Zone 0 AEx ia IIC T3 Ga
• front facing LED provides focused spot beam, down facing LED provides flood lighting
    ☼ High spot – 200 lumens, 420m beam range (1,377 feet)
    ☼ Medium spot – 110 lumens, 250m beam range
    ☼ Low spot – 60 lumens, 187m beam range
    ☼ High flood – 100 lumens
    ☼ Medium flood – 40 lumens
    ☼ Low flood – 20 lumens
    ☼ Dual light (spot + flood) – 205 lumens
• maximum beam range of 1,377 feet (420 meters)
• separate pushbutton switches to control front spot and downward flood
• runs on three AA batteries or one Li-ion rechargeable battery
    ▹ use alkaline Duracell PC1500, Energizer EN91
    ▹ or lithium Energizer L91
    ▹ or Nightstick Li-ion rechargeable battery, 4 hour charging time
• waterproof (not dive rated)
• impact and chemical resistant
• runtime specs when using AA batteries
    ▹ High spot – 11 hours
    ▹ Medium spot – 18 hours
    ▹ Low spot – 33 hours
    ▹ High flood – 11 hours
    ▹ Medium flood – 18 hours
    ▹ Low flood – 33 hours
    ▹ Dual light (spot + flood) – 11 hours
• runtime specs when using Nightstick Li-ion rechargeable battery
    ▹ High spot – 7 hours
    ▹ Medium spot – 15 hours
    ▹ Low spot – 27 hours
    ▹ High flood – 7 hours
    ▹ Medium flood – 15 hours
    ▹ Low flood – 27 hours
    ▹ Dual light (spot + flood) – 7 hours
• heavy duty stainless steel clip
• rugged nylon polymer construction
• charge status indicator (on rechargeable model, 4 hour charging time)
• measures 6.6″ long x 2.1″ head diameter x 2.6″ wide
• weighs 10.6 ounces with batteries
• designed in the USA, manufactured in China
• limited lifetime warranty through Bayco


Safety Ratings:Intrinsically Safe; UL Listed Class I, Div. 1; FM Approved Class I, Div. 1; UL Listed Class II, Div. 1; UL Listed Class III, Div. 1; FM Approved Class II, Div. 1;
Battery#:AA (3) or Li-ion rechargeable
Dimensions:6.6″ long x 2.1″ head diameter x 2.6″ wide
Lamp Type:Cree® LEDs
Light Output:205, 200, 110 or 60 lumens
Weight w/batteries:10.6 ounces
Run Time:11 to 33 hours
Charging Time:4 hours
Focus Type:Fixed
Material:Nylon Polymer
Origin:designed in the USA, manufactured in China
Warranty:limited lifetime warranty through Bayco

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P/N: XPP-5566RX; Nightstick Intrant Angle Light, 200 lumens

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Nightstick Intrant Intrinsically Safe Dual Light

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Nightstick Intrant Intrinsically Safe Dual Light