Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Flashlight XPR5542GMX

Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Flashlight XPR5542GMX

spot and flood lighting with up to 400 lumens; complete kit includes flashlight with magnetic base, battery and charger…..$126.75

  • Output: 400 to 80 lumens
  • Battery Type: Li-ion rechargeable
  • Run Time: 10 to 41 hours
  • Feature: rechargeable with magnetic base

$210.90 $126.75

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The Nightstick XPR-5542GMX is an Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light Rechargeable Dual-Light flashlight with a magnet base. Dual-Light means that it works as a traditional flashlight and as a floodlight. In the floodlight mode, light is emitted from the side of the flashlight. You can access all modes from the 2 switches located on the side. Use the top switch to operate the flashlight, and use the lower switch to operate the floodlight. Use Dual-Light for maximum lighting – flashlight + floodlight. The Nightstick XPR-5542GMX has an integrated magnetic base. BrightGuy is an authorized Nightstick distributor.

What’s included: Nightstick XPR-5542GMX Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light Rechargeable flashlight with magnet, rechargeable battery, one charging base, AC-home charge cord, DC-car charge cord and anti-roll ring

Features of the Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Dual-Light Flashlight with Magnet, XPR-5542GMX:
• Intrinsically Safe LED flashlight
    ▹ Intrinsically Safe
    ▹ Class I Div 1 Grps A-D T4
    ▹ Class II & III Div 1 Groups E-G
    ▹ Class I Zone 0 Grp IIC T4
    ▹ Class II Zone 20 IIC T135°C
• bright Cree® LED technology
    ☼ flashlight high – 400 lumens, 10 hour runtime
    ☼ flashlight medium – 170 lumens, 19 hour runtime
    ☼ flashlight low – 80 lumens, 41 hour runtime
    ☼ floodlight – 225 lumens, 10 hour runtime
    ☼ dual light (flashlight + floodlight) – 275 lumens, 10 hour runtime
• 705 foot beam range (215 meters)
• powerful magnetic base for hands-free use
• waterproof (not dive rated)
• impact and chemical resistant
• runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery (included)
    ▹ 3.7V, 5.2 Ah, 19.2Wh
    ▹ snap flashlight into charge bracket for charging
    ▹ 4 hour charging time
• nylon polymer body with non-slip grip
• polycarbonate lens with scratch resistant coating
• measures 9.5″ long x 1.6″ head diameter x 1.2″ body diameter
• weighs 10.9 ounces with battery
• dual pushbutton switches (located mid-body)
    ▹ top switch activates front spot beam (light is emitted from top of flashlight)
    ▹ bottom switch activates flood beam (light is emitted from side of flashlight)
• designed in the USA, made in China
• limited lifetime warranty through Bayco Products

This flashlight is approved for use in hazardous locations. Click on the Specifications tab above for details. Click here for an explanation of hazardous locations and safety ratings.


Safety Ratings:Intrinsically Safe; UL Listed Class I, Div. 1; UL Listed Class II, Div. 1; UL Listed Class III, Div. 1;
Battery#:Li-ion rechargeable
Dimensions:9.5″ long x 1.6″ head diameter x 1.2″ body diameter
Lamp Type:Cree® LED
Light Output:400 to 80 lumens
Weight w/batteries:10.9 ounces
Run Time:10 to 41 hours
Charging Time:4 hours
Focus Type:Fixed
On/Off:Pushbutton, Mid-Body
Origin:designed in the USA, made in China
Warranty:limited 1 year warranty through Bayco Products

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: XPR-5542GMX; UPC: 017398806008; Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Dual Light with Magnet, Yellow – 400 lumens

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Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Flashlight XPR5542GMX

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Nightstick Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Flashlight XPR5542GMX