Pelican 2720 LED Headlamp

Pelican 2720 LED Headlamp

gesture activation – wave hand in front of IR sensor for on or off; variable light output – 200 to 12 lumens; adjustable focus…..$43.45

  • Output: 200 to 12 lumens
  • Battery Type: AAA alkaline (3)
  • Run Time: 3 to 103 hours
  • Feature: gesture activated, adjustable brightness and adjustable focus

$48.50 $43.45

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The Pelican 2720 Headlamp with gesture activation control allows you to turn this headlamp on or off by waving you hand. Wave your hand in front of the headlamp for on/off – no button pressing required. Any motion more than a 6 inches away will not affect operation. The Pelican 2720 also has variable light output from 100% to 10% (200 to 12 lumens). Just press the switch for high and hold for dimming – release at the desired brightness level.

What’s included – Pelican 2720 headlamp (200 lumen model), head strap, rubber hard hat strap, 4 clips for securing the head strap to a helmet or hard hat and batteries

Features of Pelican 2720 Headlamp with Gesture Activation, Dimming and Adjustable Focus:
• main white LED with variable output plus secondary red LEDs to preserve night vision
     high white – 200 lumens, 3 hour runtime, 82 meter beam range
     low white – 12 lumens, 103 hour runtime, 20 meter beam range
• maximum beam range of 269 feet (82 meters)
• gesture activation
     press IR sensor* button to enable gesture activation
     wave hand in front of IR sensor (front of headlamp) for high white
     wave again for off
     note – dimming feature and red output cannot be accessed when using gesture activation
• manual activation (IR sensor button must be off)
     press manual activation button for high white (hold button to dim; release at desired level)
     press again within 2 seconds for red
     press again within 2 seconds for red flashing
     press again for off
     after 2 seconds from any mode, the next press turns the headlamp off
• easy adjustable focus – slide focusing lever located on lens
• head pivots up and down to direct the beam
• lightweight, comfortable and well balanced
• weighs 2.8 ounces with batteries
• water resistant to IPX4 standard
• made in China
• limited lifetime warranty through Pelican

* Note: IR sensor will not work with black rubber materials.


Battery#: AAA alkaline (3)
Dimensions: 2.48″L
Lamp Type: LEDs
Light Output: 200 to 12 lumens
Weight w/batteries: 3.8 ounces
Run Time: 3 to 103 hours
Focus Type: Adjustable Focus
On/Off: Pushbutton Top
Material: Polymer
Origin: made in China
Warranty: limited lifetime guarantee through Pelican

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P/N: 027200-0101-110; UPC: 019428135188; Pelican 2720 Headlamp- 200 lumen model

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Pelican 2720 LED Headlamp

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Pelican 2720 LED Headlamp