Pelican 2780R Rechargeable Headlamp

Pelican 2780R Rechargeable Headlamp

Pelican 2780R USB rechargeable headlamp with main LED and downcast LED; up to 558 lumens; includes lithium-ion battery and interchangeable body covers…..$86.14

  • Output: 558 to 68 lumens
  • Battery Type: Li-ion rechargeable
  • Run Time: 2 to 11 hours
  • Feature: USB rechargeable headlamp with traditional and downcast beam
  • Dimensions: 2.15″ wide x 1.8″ tall x 1.27″ deep
  • Weight: 7.0 oz

$103.95 $86.14

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The Pelican 2780R headlamp is a unique USB rechargeable headlamp with both a front facing main beam and a downcast flood beam, so you can see in the distance and also directly in front of you. The two beams together produce 558 lumens. The Pelican 2780R features three lighting modes, with three brightness levels in each mode, plus a flashing mode.

The Pelican 2780R LED headlight lights the area ahead of you with the main beam and has secondary downcast lighting. The downcast LED lights up the area below and directly in front. The over-sized twist knob allows you to select from 4 modes –
1. front facing plus downcast LED for maximum lighting
2. downcast led only
3. front facing only
4. flashing (front facing)

What’s included: Pelican 2780R headlamp with black, white and glow-in-the-dark interchangeable covers, adjustable head strap with top crown strap, 3.7V 2600mAh proprietary lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and USB charging cord

Features of Pelican 2780R LED Headlamp:
• front facing and downcast LEDs
    ▹ lights up area in front and below
• 3 lighting modes plus flashing
    ☼ front facing high – 333 lumens, 2.75 hour run time
    ☼ front facing medium – 152 lumens, 4.25 hour run time
    ☼ front facing low – 68 lumens, 11 hour run time
    ☼ downcast high – 347 lumens, 3 hour run time
    ☼ downcast medium – 156 lumens, 4.25 hour run time
    ☼ downcast low – 70 lumens, 11 hour run time
    ☼ front + downcast high – 558 lumens, 2 hour run time
    ☼ front + downcast medium – 213 lumens, 3 hour run time
    ☼ front + downcast low – 95 lumens, 7.5 hour run time
    ☼ flashing – 333 lumens
• 127 meter beam range (416 feet)
• twist knob to select mode
• pushbutton switch on the knob allows you to select between the three brightness levels in that mode
• powered by a proprietary rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included)
• battery is recharged via a USB port on the inside of the battery pack
• recharge time is approximately 6 hours
• charging indicators
    ▹ 3 blue blinking LEDs: 0-25%
    ▹ 1 blue blinking LED: 25-50%
    ▹ 1 solid blue LED and one blinking blue LED: 50-75%
    ▹ 2 solid blue LEDs and one blinking blue LED: 75-100%
    ▹ 3 solid blue LEDs: fully charged
• integrated red LED on battery pack for improved visibility
    ▹ click switch once for solid red LED
    ▹ click switch twice within one second for flashing red LED
• pivoting head
• interchangeable covers – comes with white, black, and glow in the dark covers
• water resistant to IPX4 standard
• built-in battery status indicator (located on battery pack)
    ▹ 3 blue LEDs – 75 to 100%
    ▹ 2 blue LEDs – 50 to 75%
    ▹ 1 blue LED – 25 to 50%
    ▹ 1 blinking blue LED – less than 25%
• measures 2.15″ wide x 1.8″ tall x 1.27″ deep
• weighs 7.0 oz with the included battery
• made in China
• limited lifetime guarantee through Pelican


Battery#:3.7V 2600mAh proprietary lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Dimensions:2.15" wide x 1.8" tall x 1.27" deep
Lamp Type:LED
Light Output:558 to 68 lumens
Weight w/batteries:7.0 oz
Run Time:2 to 11 hours
Focus Type:Spot & Flood
Origin:Made in China
Warranty:Limited lifetime guarantee through Pelican

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P/N: 02780R-0000-110; UPC: 019428128807 Pelican 2780R Rechargeable Headlamp

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Pelican 2780R Rechargeable Headlamp

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Pelican 2780R Rechargeable Headlamp