Pelican 7600 Multi-Color USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Pelican 7600 Multi-Color USB Rechargeable Flashlight

944 lumen white LED plus low light red and green LEDs; programmable tail switch allows you to customize switch operation; great for law enforcement, hunters & more; high quality aluminum…..$101.25

  • Output: 944 to 37 lumens (white LED)
  • Battery Type: Li-ion rechargeable (1)
  • Run Time: 3.25 to 29 hours
  • Feature: White, red and green output; user programmable tail switch

$115.99 $101.25

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The Pelican 7600 Rechargeable Tactical flashlight is one of the best law enforcement flashlights available – 944 lumen model. The Pelican 7600 runs on an included lithium ion rechargeable battery that charges inside of the flashlight via a USB charging cord. Just rotate the collar to expose the USB charging port and connect the included USB cable for charging (plug adapters sold separately). The Pelican 7600 has a high performance white LED with up to 944 lumens in high plus low light red and green LEDs. (Red and green output can be used to preserve night vision and traffic control when using a wand accessory.) Use the rotating ring to select the output color. The Pelican 7600 can also run on two CR123 lithium batteries using the included CR123 battery cartridge. The tail switch on the Pelican 7600 is user programmable with 5 different easy program modes –
1. High > Strobe > Medium > Low
2. High only
3. High > Medium > Low
4. Low > Medium > High
5. High > Low

What’s included: Pelican 7600 USB rechargeable flashlight, Pelican li-ion rechargeable battery, USB charge cord (plug adaptors NOT included), pocket clip and CR123 lithium battery cartridge

Features of Pelican 7600 Tactical USB Rechargeable flashlight:
• high performance white LED plus low light red and green LED output
    ☼ red or green output is good for night vision preservation and traffic control
• 3 brightness levels using high brightness white LED:
    ☼ High – 944 lumens, 3.25 hour runtime, 225m beam range (738 feet)
    ☼ Medium – 479 lumens, 4.5 hour runtime, 157m beam range (515 feet)
    ☼ Low – 37 lumens, 29 hour runtime, 44m beam range (144 feet)
• maximum beam range of 738 feet
• waterproof to IPX 8 standard (not dive rated)
• pushbutton tail switch for constant on/off and momentary on
    ☼ lightly press for momentary on or to change output
    ☼ fully press click for constant on
• 4 position rotating collar (twist to change output color or for charging)
    ☼ 1. bright white LED
    ☼ 2. low light red LED
    ☼ 3. low light green LED
    ☼ 4. exposes USB charging port
• powered by a Pelican 18650 li-ion rechargeable battery (3.7V, 2600mAh [9.6Wh])
    ☼ rotate collar to expose micro USB charge port
    ☼ plug USB cord into flashlight and USB computer port or use any AC adapter
    ☼ charging time is approximately 6 hours or less
    ☼ also runs on two CR123 lithium batteries (using included battery cartridge)
    ☼ use ONLY Pelican brand li-ion rechargeable battery or CR123 non-rechargeable batteries
• 5 programmable lighting modes – lightly press switch and hold on the last press until light flashes
    ☼ 1. High > Strobe > Low (8 light presses – 1 confirmation flash)
    ☼ 2. High only (10 light presses – 2 confirmation flashes)
    ☼ 3. High > Medium > Low (12 light presses – 3 confirmation flashes)
    ☼ 4. Low > Medium > High (14 light presses – 4 confirmation flashes))
    ☼ 5. High > Low (16 light presses – 5 confirmation flashes)
• battery status feature – small LED between collar and head indicates status when light is on
    ☼ Green = 100% to 76% remaining
    ☼ Amber = 75% to 51% remaining
    ☼ Red = 50% to 26% remaining
    ☼ Flashing Red < 25% remaining
• durable aluminum body with Type III hard anodized finish
• anti reflective glass lens
• pocket clip is made of high carbon steel
• measures 6.19″ long x 1.3″ head diameter x 0.88 body diameter
• weighs 6.9 ounces with battery
• made in China
• limited lifetime warranty through Pelican


Battery#:Li-ion rechargeable (1)
Dimensions:6.19″ long x 1.3″ head diameter x 0.88 body diameter
Lamp Type:LED
Light Output:944 to 37 lumens (white LED)
Weight w/batteries:6.9 ounces
Run Time:3.25 to 29 hours
Focus Type:Fixed
On/Off:Pushbutton, Tail-Cap
Material:Anodized aluminum
Origin:made in China
Warranty:limited lifetime warranty through Pelican (warranty does not cover lamp or batteries)

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P/N: 076000-0000-110; UPC: 19428138974 Pelican 7600 Tri-Color USB Flashlight – 944 lumens

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Pelican 7600 Multi-Color USB Rechargeable Flashlight

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Pelican 7600 Multi-Color USB Rechargeable Flashlight