Petzl Helmet Clip EO4350

Petzl Helmet Clip EO4350

attaches headlamp to most helmets and hard hats; the headlamp strap fits through the slots, and the hooks attach to the helmet edge…..$4.95

  • Feature: helmet clips hold most headlamps securely on a helmet or hard hat


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Petzl Headlamp Helmet Clips for attaching a headlamp to a helmet. Works with almost any type of helmet. Includes 4 clips.


Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: E04350; UPC: 3342540002616; Petzl Headlamp Helmet Clips, Hardhat, pack of 4

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Petzl Helmet Clip EO4350

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Petzl Helmet Clip EO4350