Petzl NAO Headlamp

Petzl NAO Headlamp

Extra 25% off on Petzl NAO Rechargeable headlamp – the price marked reflects the additional discount. Limited quantity available.

Petzl NAO rechargeable headlamp with Reactive Technology has a sensor that instantly and automatically adjusts the light output and beam pattern to the user’s needs. A built-in light sensor measures incoming reflected light and self-adjusts the beam. For example, when looking at a map or close up object, the Petzl NAO headlamp has a wide less powerful beam. When you raise your head and look into the distance, the Petzl NAO increases in brightness and the beam becomes more focused. You no longer need to fumble in the dark trying to find buttons to adjust the brightness and beam concentration……$138.75

  • Output: 575 to 7 lumens
  • Battery Type: Li-ion rechargeable
  • Run Time: 1.5-12.5 hours
  • Feature: light sensor automatically adjust brightness and beam strength

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What’s included: Petzl NAO headlamp with Li-ion rechargeable battery, adjustable head strap, top strap and USB charging cord

Features of Petzl NAO rechargeable LED headlamp:
• Reactive Technology
    ▹ brightness and beam pattern automatically adjust with the use of a built-in light sensor
    ▹ beam pattern dims and becomes less focused for close-up
    ▹ beam becomes brighter and more focused for distance
    ▹ no need for manual adjusting
    ▹ efficient use of the battery provides longer runtimes
• 2 lighting modes
    ▹ Reactive lighting – self adjusting
    ▹ continuous (constant) lighting – for use when maximum brightness is needed
• output and runtime
    ☼ Reactive – 575 to 7 lumens, 135 meter range, 6.5 to 12.5 hour runtime
    ☼ Constant – 430 to 120 lumens, 130 meter range, 1.5 to 8 hour runtime
• twist switch for constant on/off
    ▹ twist knob and release for Reactive lighting mode
    ▹ twist knob and hold for 2 seconds for continuous mode
• powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery* (included)
    ▹ use only a Petzl NAO rechargeable battery
    ▹ also runs on two AAA lithium or alkaline batteries (with reduced performance)
• easily rechargeable with USB connection (compatible with any USB charger)
    ▹ battery fully recharges in 6 hours
• battery charge indicator on battery pack shows remaining power
• weighs 6.5 ounces with battery
• adjustable head band is super lightweight and comfortable (includes top strap)

Note: When you receive your Petzl NAO headlamp, the battery is not plugged into the battery compartment. You will need to plug in the battery to begin using the headlamp.


Battery#:Li-ion rechargeable
Lamp Type:LED
Light Output:575 to 7 lumens
Weight w/batteries:6.5 oz
Run Time:1.5-12.5 hours
Focus Type:Adjustable Focus
Origin:made in Bulgaria
Warranty:limited 3 year warranty on headlamp through Petzl (1 year on battery)

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P/N: E36AHR; UPC: 3342540099593 Petzl NAO Rechargeable Headlamp, 575 lumens – on sale while quantities last

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Petzl NAO Headlamp

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Petzl NAO Headlamp