Petzl Tikka R Plus Headlamp

Petzl Tikka R Plus Headlamp

headlamp with reactive lighting – integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery – up to 170 lumen output with 3.5 hour run time, comfortable head strap – on sale – in stock quantity only…..$59.96

  • Output: 170-7 lumens
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Rechargeable
  • Run Time: 3.5-12 hours
  • Feature: Reactive lighting technology automatically adjusts the brightness to your location
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Output Color: White and red

$74.95 $59.96



The Petzl Tikka R+ Rechargeable headlamp offers the latest in LED technology with a new and fresh design. The Tikka R Plus features Petzl’s amazing “Reactive Lighting” technology, which automatically adjusts the brightness to suit your environment. This gives you the ultimate in hands free operation. Using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Petzl Tikka R+ gives you long run times and a convenient USB charging cable for quick charging on the go. The redesigned headstrap will give you the ultimate in comfort and wearability for extended use.

What’s included in the box: Petzl Tikka R+ headlamp, Accu Tikka R+ lithium-ion rechargeable battery, cloth headstrap, 11″ long USB charging cable

Features of the Petzl Tikka R+ Rechargeable Headlamp:
• reactive lighting technology – brightness adjusts automatically based on an integrated light sensor
• 3 main operation modes:
    Reactive lighting – choice of 3 sub-modes: Max Autonomy, Standard, Max Power
    Constant lighting – 3 regulated brightness levels: High, Medium, and Low
    Red lighting
• Reactive lighting mode sub-levels:
    Max Autonomy – maximum run time
        70-7 lumens, 12 hour minimum run time, 131-6 foot beam distance
    Standard – balance brightness & run time
        130-7 lumens, 6 hour minimum run time, 180-6 foot beam distance
    Max Power – maximum brightness
        170-7 lumens, 3.5 hour minimum run time, 213-6 foot beam distance
• Constant lighting mode sub-levels:
    High – 120 lumens, 3.5 hour run time, 164 ft beam distance (50 m)
    Medium – 80 lumens, 6 hour run time, 131 ft beam distance (40 m)
    Low – 40 lumens, 12 hour run time, 98 ft beam distance (30 m)
• Red lighting mode levels
    Press and hold on/off switch for 2 seconds for steady red – 30 hour run time
    From on, press and release on/off switch for flashing red – 90 hour run time
• to switch between main operation modes:
    turn the headlamp on by pressing and holding the top pushbutton switch for 2 seconds
    with the headlamp on, press and release the pushbutton switch on the SIDE of the headlamp
    switching sequence: red lighting>>reactive lighting>>constant lighting
• to switch between sub-levels within the main modes:
    turn the headlamp on by pressing and holding the top pushbutton switch for 2 seconds
     press and release the top switch to cycle through the different sub-levels
• “Boost” mode allows you quick access to the brightest level
    press the top switch twice quickly from either white LED mode to get to “boost mode”
• if the Tikka R Plus is turned off in red mode, it will turn back on in red mode first
• if it’s turned off in either Reactive lighting or constant lighting mode, it will always turn on in Reactive lighting mode
• the Tikka R+ headlamp is compatible with OS by Petzl software, so you can modify the run times in both Reactive and Constant lighting modes
• powered by the included 1800 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery*
• battery recharges via the included USB charge cable
• typical charge time is approximately 5 hours
• charging indicator:
    blinking green – battery is charging
    steady green – battery is fully charged
    steady red – battery is not charging – there is a problem
• convenient energy gauge lets you know how much battery power is left
    Green: battery is charged 66-100%
    Orange: battery is charged 33-66%
    Red: battery is charged 0-33%
    Blinking red: battery is in reserve mode – 25 lumens for 1 hour of use
• headlamp measures 2.4″ long x 1.7″ tall x 1.5″ deep
• weighs 4 oz with battery
• cloth headstrap is newly re-designed to optimize comfort and wearability
• superb battery performance in extreme weather (-20ºC – +50ºC)
• IPX4 rated for water resistance
• includes Tikka R+ headlamp, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, USB charging cable (AC wall adapter not included)
• made in Bulgaria
• 3 year limited warranty through Petzl – 1 year limited warranty on li-ion battery or 300 charge cycles

*charge battery completely before first use


Battery#:Li-ion rechargeable
Dimensions:2.4″ long x 1.7″ tall x 1.5″ deep
Lamp Type:LED
Light Output:170-7 lumens
Weight w/batteries:4 oz
Run Time:3.5-12 hours
Focus Type:Fixed
Origin:Made in Bulgaria
Warranty:3 year limited warranty through Petzl | 1 year warranty on battery

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P/N: E92 RB; Petzl Tikka R+ Rechargeable Headlamp, blue – on sale while quantities last
P/N: E92 RC; UPC: 3342540095786; Petzl Tikka R Plus Rechargeable Headlamp, coral
P/N: E92 RT; Petzl Tikka R Plus Rechargeable Headlamp, turquoise

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Petzl Tikka R Plus Headlamp

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Petzl Tikka R Plus Headlamp