Photon Clip and Necklace

Photon Clip and Necklace

Just snap any Photon Micro-Light into the cradle of this little LRI Photon clip to mount it for hands-free operation. Turn your Photon light into a miniature headlamp by clipping it to the brim of a baseball cap, to the frame of your glasses, or mount it anywhere else that is convenient. The cradle is designed to accept any Photon Micro-Light, with or without the key ring attached. Features an adjustable pivot joint to allow you to point your light right where you need it. The back of the clip has 3 small magnets for attachment to metal objects. The Photon Necklace allows you to carry your Photon light conveniently around your neck. The Photon light snaps firmly into the specially designed cradle, yet can be removed at a moment’s notice when you need to use your light……$4.25

  • Feature: compatible with Photon Microlights

$4.95 $4.25

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Features of LRI Photon Clip and Necklace:
• includes Photon hat clip and neck lanyard
• genuine LRI Photon brand accessory kit
• compatible with Photon Microlights


Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: PCLIP; UPC: 790134090052; Photon Clip and Necklace

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Photon Clip and Necklace

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Photon Clip and Necklace