Rechargeable Charging Unit Version 2 ARXX185

Rechargeable Charging Unit Version 2 ARXX185

works with full size Maglite incandescent flashlight only (not for LED model)…..$31.25

  • Feature: charging cradle for incandescent model only


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MagLite Rechargeable Charging bracket only, ARXX185. Bracket holds the flashlight when charging. AC and DC charging cords plug into this bracket. *** AC or DC charging cords NOT included ***
Version 2 utilizes a co-axial style connector and represents systems sold after Feb, 2008. Optional adaptor cords (part # ARXX228) are available and will allow you to use this charging bracket with older model AC & DC charging cords – see accessories (on this page, to the right of the large photo).


Origin:assembled in USA

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: ARXX185; UPC: 038739087856 MagLite Rechargeable Charge Bracket, Version2, NOT for LED - limited to stock on hand
P/N: ARXX185; UPC: 038739087856; MagLite Rechargeable Charging Unit, Version 2 - NOT for LED

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Rechargeable Charging Unit Version 2 ARXX185

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Rechargeable Charging Unit Version 2 ARXX185