Reflector C4R – C8R

Reflector C4R – C8R

The Underwater Kinetics wide beam reflector fits rechargeable C4R and C8R dive lights – limited to stock on hand. This is a genuine Underwater Kinetics brand replacement part……$25.71

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Underwater Kinetics Reflector Assembly, Wide Beam for Rechargeable Sunlight C4R and C8R. This reflector is designed to withstand the higher heat emitted from the C8R rechargeable lamp.

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P/N: 519924; UPC: 0032705199246 Reflector Assembly for C4R & C8R - limited to stock on hand
P/N: 519924; UPC: 0032705199246; Underwater Kinetics Reflector Assembly, 19924

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Reflector C4R – C8R