Ripoffs Flashlight Holster CO-33 BL-33

Ripoffs Flashlight Holster CO-33 BL-33

made in the USA of heavy duty webbing; choose belt loop or clip-on; fits Underwater Kinetics UK 3AA flashlight & similar size lights…..$8.95

  • Feature: fits UK 3AA, Olight M2R Warrior & similar size lights
  • Battery Type:
  • Run Time:
  • Weight:
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SKU: REEBL33-Parent


Features of Ripoffs BL33 and CO33 nylon belt holsters:
• heavy duty nylon webbing material
• full holster with top flap and velcro closure
• choice of belt-loop or clip-on style
    ▹ BL (belt-loop) – slides onto belt
    ▹ CO (clip-on) – clips onto belt
• fits belts up to 2-1/4″ wide
• fits the Underwater Kinetics UK 3AA CPO flashlights
    ▹ Olight M2R Warrior
    ▹ and similar size flashlights
• made in the USA


Origin:Made in USA

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: BL-33; BL33 fits UK 3AA Flashlight
P/N: CO-33; UPC: reeco33; CO33 fits UK 3AA Flashlight

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Ripoffs Flashlight Holster CO-33 BL-33

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Ripoffs Flashlight Holster CO-33 BL-33