Sidewinder Helmet Mount

Sidewinder Helmet Mount

Sidewinder helmet mount – fits PASGT and ACH military helmets…..From $22.95




The Streamlight Sidewinder helmet mount is designed to allow hands-free use of the Sidewinder for task-specific lighting. Specifically designed to fit PASGT and ACH military helmets.

Mounting Instructions for Streamlight Sidewinder helmet mount: Select the desired mounting location and remove the two slotted mounting screws on the front of the helmet mount facing the metal clip. Place only the metal clip onto the rim of the helmet with the V-shaped side outward. Align the mount over the metal clip. Insert and tighten the mounting screws to assure firm attachment. Attach Streamlight Sidewinder by placing the large opening in the MOLLE clip over the round black post on the helmet mount. Press downward on the Sidewinder and slide it backward until it locks into place. Release the Sidewinder from the helmet mount by pressing downward on the Sidewinder and sliding it forward. Streamlight Sidewinder can be adjusted to provide illumination as needed.


Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: 14055; UPC: 080926140554; Military Helmet Mount for Streamlight Sidewinder, Coyote Tan
P/N: 14056; UPC: 080926140561; Military Helmet Mount for Streamlight Sidewinder, GREEN

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Sidewinder Helmet Mount

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Sidewinder Helmet Mount