Streamlight AC Charger Cord

Streamlight AC Charger Cord

120V AC-home cord with US style plug (you may also need a charging bracket to charge your Streamlight flashlight) – this part has been replaced by part number 22060…..$17.27

  • Feature: Streamlight AC-home charge cord – replaced by part 22060

$22.06 $17.27


Streamlight part 22311 AC charge cord has been replaced by part 22060.

Streamlight Charge Cord 120 Volt AC (home). Works with most Streamlight rechargeable flashlights. You may also need a charging bracket to charge your Streamlight flashlight. For more accessories, just go to the product detail page for your model Streamlight flashlight.

Features of Streamlight AC-home charging cord, 22311:
• 120V AC with US style plug
• works with most Streamlight rechargeable flashlights including
     Stinger, Stinger LED, Stinger HL, Stinger HPL, Stinger HP
     UltraStinger*, UltraStinger LED (not incandescent fast charge system)
     PolyStinger, PolyStinger LED
     LiteBox* (not HID and E-Flood HL)
     Vulcan, Fire Vulcan LED
     SL-20X, SL-20XP, SL-20XP LED
     SL-20L, SL-20LP
     Survivor* (not fast charge system)
     Knucklehead* (not fast charge system)
     Strion, Strion LED, Strion HL, Strion HPL, Strion HP
• genuine Streamlight brand charger
• includes charge cord only – you may also need a charging bracket

NOTE – Not for use with UltraStinger incandescent Fast Charge system, HID LiteBox and LiteBox E-Flood HL, Survivor Fast charge

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: 22311; UPC: 080926223110; Streamlight Charger Cord 120 Volt AC, 22311 (replaced by part 22060)

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Streamlight AC Charger Cord

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Streamlight AC Charger Cord