Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit 45845

Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit 45845

converts halogen LiteBox or FireBox to LED, spot beam with a measured distance of 1,539 feet in high (fits models with black handle only – NOT compatible with dual filament models)…..$61.95

  • Output: 540 – 330 lumens
  • Battery Type:
  • Run Time: 7 – 15 hrs
  • Feature: LED upgrade kit for Streamlight LiteBox; spot beam
  • Dimensions:
  • Material:

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The Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit allows you to upgrade your newer halogen LiteBox to LED with a spot lighting pattern. The Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit has 3 bright white C4 LEDs with 540 lumens in high (shines for up to 1,539 ft) and runs for 7 hours. For an extended runtime of up to 15 hours, just change the brightness level to low with 330 lumens (shines for up to 93m). Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit has a focused “spot” beam.

Installation of the Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade kit is easy. Just click on the products video tab below for a how-to demonstration. Note – the Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit will not work with LiteBox lantern older than 13 years – Also not compatible with Dual Filament models (LiteBox must have a black handle and body design where battery replacement is done by removing the bottom haft of the body).

Output Intensity Selection for E-Spot Upgrade Kit:
The Streamlight E-Spot LED head has a jumper-selectable output to change the output from high (540 lumens with 7 hour run time) to low (330 lumens with 15 hour run time). The brightness mode can be changed from high to low by removing the screw and cover located on the back of the head assembly. Move the jumper to the “Lo” side of the three pin header.

Features of Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit:
• 3 bright LEDs with C4® LED Technology, spot lighting pattern
• 2 brightness settings (remove screw and cover on back of head assembly to change levels)
     High – 540 lumens, 7 hour runtime, shines up to 1,539 ft
     Low – 330 lumens, 15 hour runtime, shines up to 1,175 ft
• unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch resistant coating
• compatible with LiteBox (less than 13 years old) and FireBox
     standard systems
     vehicle mounts systems
     power failure systems
     also compatible with FireBox & LiteBox systems
     NOT compatible with dual filament models
• assembled in USA
• limited lifetime warranty through Streamlight


Lamp Type:3 C4 LEDs
Light Output:540 - 330 lumens
Run Time:7 - 15 hrs
Focus Type:Spot
Origin:assembled in USA
Warranty:limited lifetime warranty through Streamlight

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P/N: 45845; UPC: 080926458451 Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit 45845, fits Litebox, head assembly only

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Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit 45845

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Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit 45845