TANOS Rack systainer IV

TANOS Rack systainer IV

The TANOS Rack-systainer® IV provides the ultimate in organization. This case has 4 pull out, locking drawers with individual containers that can be rearranged. 2 drawers have 15 containers and 2 drawers have 17 containers. Each drawer locks securely into the Rack-systainer case for easy transport. The Rack-systainer IV is the perfect for sorting and storing parts, tools and equipment. It can be stacked with other TANOS systainer Classic lock cases (T-Loc case can be attached to the top). This convenient case also includes 2 dividers for each drawer plus 1 labeling set; optional additional dividers are available separately. BrightGuy is an authorized TANOS distributor……$220.75

  • Outside Dimensions: 12.4″ high x 15.75″ wide x 11.8″ deep
  • Feature: 4 pull-out drawers with locking lids and moveable interior containers

$255.00 $220.75

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Features of TANOS Rack-systainer® IV
• 4 pull-out Raaco drawers with locking lids and multiple individual interior containers
    ▹ individual Raaco containers can be re-arranged in each drawer
    ▹ 2 drawers have 15 containers; 2 drawers have 17 containers
    ▹ drawers lock in place in the case
    ▹ push on side tab to pull out the drawer
    ▹ slide lid locks on each drawer to open the drawer lids
• ABS construction for maximum strength and durability
    ▹ impact resistant
    ▹ dust proof
    ▹ splash proof
• measures 12.4″ high x 15.75″ wide x 11.8″ deep (outside dimensions)
• can be locked together with other systainer Classic lock cases
    ▹ T-Loc case can be attached to the top
• integrated carry handle folds down
• weighs 15.1 pounds
• case made in Germany; Raaco drawers and containers made in Denmark


Dimensions:12.4″ high x 15.75″ wide x 11.8″ deep
Origin:case made in Germany; Raaco drawers and containers made in Denmark
Warranty:limited warranty against manufacturing defects

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Rack-systainer® IV (4 pull-out, locking drawers)

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TANOS Rack systainer IV

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TANOS Rack systainer IV