TANOS systainer Adapt-L

TANOS systainer Adapt-L

Use the TANOS systainer® T-Loc Adapt-L to attach long items to the front of select T-Loc cases. The Adapt-L brackets have adjustable elastic straps to hold those items securely. BrightGuy is an authorized Tanos systainer® distributor……$27.00

  • Feature: compatible with select systainer® T-Loc cases

$29.00 $27.00



Features of TANOS systainer® T-Loc Adapt-L:
• includes two Adapt-L brackets with adjustable elastic straps
    ▹ use for attaching long items (like a level) to select T-Loc cases
• fits select systainer® T-Loc cases including
    ▹ T-Loc II, T-Loc III, T-Loc IV, T-Loc V
    ▹ MIDI-systainer® T-Loc II & III
    ▹ systainer® T-Loc SYS-Combi II & III
• weighs 3 ounces
• durable construction
• made in Germany


Origin: made in Germany
Warranty: limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: 81200150; UPC: 4260386321878; systainer T-Loc Adapt-L – Light Grey
P/N: 80600243; UPC: 4260386321885; systainer T-Loc Adapt-L – Anthracite (dark grey)

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TANOS systainer Adapt-L

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TANOS systainer Adapt-L