Underwater Kinetics Bezel-Lens 22804

Underwater Kinetics Bezel-Lens 22804

Black rubber bezel with clear lens – fits Underwater Kinetics SL4, SL6 and UK 300 flashlights…..$5.95

  • Feature: fits UK300 SL4 and SL6 lights

$10.80 $5.95

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Underwater Kinetics Bezel-Lens Assembly for the UK300, SL4 and SL6 model flashlights. (black rubber bezel with clear lens) Genuine Underwater Kinetics brand part. is an authorized Underwater Kinetics distributor.

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P/N: 522804; UPC: 0032705228045 Black rubber bezel with clear lens - fits UK SL4, SL6
P/N: 522804; UPC: 0032705228045; Bezel Lens Assembly UK300 / SL4 / SL6

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Underwater Kinetics Bezel-Lens 22804

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Underwater Kinetics Bezel-Lens 22804