Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED L1

Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED L1

waterproof to 500 feet; strong concentrated beam; available with White, Blue or UV (ultraviolet) LED; made in the USA…..$93.99


    • Output: 400 lumens White; 455nm Blue; 395nm UV
    • Battery Type: 4 C, included
    • Run Time: 10 hours
    • Feature: choose white, blue or UV (ultraviolet) LED; waterproof; made in the USA






The Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED L1 flashlight-dive light gives you the light you need and then some. With its compact size and narrow penetrating beam, the SL4 eLED L1 is the perfect dive light or can be used in a variety of industrial, fire or utility applications that require a lot of light, along with complete waterproof reliability.

The SL4 eLED is available with white, Blue or UV (ultraviolet) LED. The white LED model produces a nightly focused bright beam that is good for general illumination. The Blue and UV LED models will cause underwater corals to fluoresce. The Blue LED option has visible light and may work best with a yellow filter. The UV LED produces a wavelength outside the spectrum of visible light and is nearly invisible to the naked eye. The SL4 eLED UV model is perfect for spotting glowing marine life with its narrow intense beam. Click on Docs/Info tab for detailed information on Blue LED and UV LED models.

What you get: SL4 eLED flashlight-dive light with batteries and wrist lanyard

Features of UK SL4 eLED L1 flashlight / dive light:
• bright concentrated beam
• choice of LED:
White – 400 lumens, beam range of 622 feet, best for general illumination
Blue – 455nm, geat for diving, strong fluorescent reaction (may work best with a yellow filter)
UV (ultraviolet) – 395nm, great for spotting marine life, narrow intense beam
• waterproof up to 500 feet
• runs for 10 hours on 4 C-cell batteries (included)
• regulated output for more consistent brightness over the life of the batteries
• single handed toggle switching with thumb or index finger
• equally great performance in and out of water for home or work
• rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact resistance
• tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction
• measures 6.2″ x 1.5″ x 1.7″
• weighs 15.2 oz with batteries
• includes wrist lanyard and batteries
• limited lifetime warranty through Underwater Kinetics
• made in USA


Dimensions:6.2″ x 1.5″ x 1.7″
Lamp Type:LED (white, blue or UV)
Light Output:400 lumens white; 455nm blue; 395nm UV
Weight w/batteries:15.2 oz. with batteries
Run Time:10 hrs
Focus Type:Fixed
On/Off:Toggle Switch
Origin:Made in USA
Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty* through Underwater Kinetics.*Limited 10 year warranty on any plastics, rubber for 3 years, LED and electronics for 1 year, and limited 90 day warranty on any rechargeable battery components.

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: 580120; SL4 eLED L1, Fathom Blue body, White LED, 400 Lumens
P/N: 580117; UPC: 0032705801170; SL4 eLED L1, Fathom Blue body, Blue LED, 455nm
P/N: 580118; UPC: 0032705801187; SL4 eLED L1, Black body, UV (ultraviolet) LED, 395nm

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Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED L1

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Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED L1