Stinger Bank Charger

Stinger Bank Charger

Charges 5 Stinger series flashlights simultaneously- genuine Streamlight brand charger…..$284.45

  • Feature: Streamlight Stinger Bank Charger – charges 5 Stinger series flashlights; genuine Streamlight brand charger

$407.70 $284.45

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SKU: STR75400


Streamlight Stinger Series Bank Charger 120V AC-home with US style plug. Charges 5 Stinger flashlights simultaneously. Charging time is 8-10 hours.

Features of Streamlight Stinger AC Bank Charger:
• genuine Streamlight brand charger
• charges 5 Stinger series flashlights simultaneously
• charges time is 8-10 hours
• works with the following Streamlight flashlights
     Stinger LED and Stinger DS LED
     Stinger LED HP and Stinger DS LED HP
     Stinger LED HL and Stinger DS LED HL
     Stinger Classic LED
     Stinger xenon
     PolyStinger LED and PolyStinger DS LED
     PolyStinger xenon
     PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO
• plugs into AC-home outlet (US style plug)


Charging Time: 8-10 hrs

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: 75400; UPC: 080926754003; Streamlight Stinger Series Bank Charger 120V AC

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Stinger Bank Charger

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Stinger Bank Charger