General Home Use & Car Repair

Confused about which flashlight to choose for general home use & car repair work? Here are some tips to make the choice easier. First consider what type of battery you want the flashlight to run on. Maybe you always have AA batteries in the house. If that’s the case, narrow your search by choosing AA under the battery type filter. If you normally use the flashlight every week, a rechargeable model will be the most economical to operate over time. Another important consideration is lumen output. For close up work, a flashlight with 100 to 500 lumens will provide plenty of light. Choose a model with multiple brightness levels. This will give you the flexibility to lower or raise the output to suit your needs. A flashlight that is too bright in close quarters causes light to be reflected back into your face, and you won’t be able to see anything. If you will be using the flashlight for close-up work, look for a model that has a wide beam. We describe this as “area lighting” or “floodlight”. A model described as a “work light” is also a great choice. If you need “hands-free”, consider a headlamp.