Streamlight 18650 Charger Kit

Streamlight 18650 Charger Kit

Streamlight 18650 (SL-B26) battery charger with 2 batteries. The included SL-B26 batteries also have a built-in micro USB charging port with charging indicators. (The batteries can be charged using a USB cable plugged directly into the battery.) This 2-bay Streamlight charger safely charges one or two 18650 Li-ion batteries (use only protected cells)……From $43.95

  • Feature: Streamlight 18650 battery charger – includes two SL-B26 batteries




What’s Included: 18650 (SL-B26) battery charger, two Streamlight SL-B26 USB batteries and choice of charging cables

Features of Streamlight 18650 (SL-B26) Charger Kit:
• charges one or two 18650 batteries simultaneously (use protected cells only)
• 2 bay design with single bay priority speeds charging when charging 1 battery
• Streamlight SL-B26 li-ion battery specs
    ▹ 3.7V, 2600mAh
    ▹ button top
    ▹ on-board safety control circuit
    ▹ rechargeable up to 500 times
• charging time
    ▹ single bay – 3.5 hours (either bay)
    ▹ both bays – 3.5 hours left bay (priority) and 6.5 hours right bay
• independent charging channels with individual battery charge status LEDs
• charger temperature safety circuit prevents damage to batteries while charging
• impact resistant polymer construction
• 2 year limited warranty through Streamlight
• engineered in the USA


Weight: charger weighs 2.4 ounces; batteries weigh 1.7 ounces
Material: Polymer
Origin: engineered in the USA
Warranty: limited 2 year warranty through Streamlight

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: 22010; UPC: 080926220102; Streamlight 18650 Charger Kit – USB (includes two SL-B26 batteries, NO AC adapter)
P/N: 22011; UPC: 080926220119; Streamlight 18650 Charger Kit – 120V AC (includes two SL-B26 batteries)

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Streamlight 18650 Charger Kit

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Streamlight 18650 Charger Kit