Streamlight Stinger Battery Ni-MH 75375

Streamlight Stinger Battery Ni-MH 75375

The Streamlight 75375 battery is a Ni-MH rechaergeable battery for select Stinger and PolyStinger series flashlights (see details). The Streamlight Ni-MH rechargeable Stinger battery is 3.6V, 2.6 Ah and provides enhanced brightness and runtime as compared with earlier versions. This is a genuine Streamlight brand battery, and BrightGuy is an authorized Streamlight distributor……$16.87

  • Feature: fits select Stinger flashlights (see details)

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What’s included: Streamlight Stinger NiMH rechargeable battery 75375, 3.6V, 2.6Ah (genuine Streamlight brand battery)

Features of Streamlight Stinger NiMH battery 75375:
• Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery, 3.6V 2.6Ah
• provides enhanced brightness and longer runtimes
    ▹ Stinger LED & DS LED – 425 lumens high (up from 350); 3 hours runtime high (up from 2 hours)
    ▹ Stinger Classic – 500 lumens high (up from 390); 2.75 hour runtime high (up from 1.75)
    ▹ PolyStinger LED and DS LED – 485 lumens high (up from 385); 3 hour runtime high (up from 2 hours)
• measures 5.3″ long
• fits the following Stinger series rechargeable flashlights
    ▹ Stinger xenon
    ▹ Stinger LED and Stinger DS LED
    ▹ Stinger HL and Stinger DS HL
    ▹ Stinger LED HP and DS LED HP
    ▹ Stinger HPL and Stinger DS HPL
    ▹ PolyStinger
    ▹ PolyStinger LED
    ▹ PolyStinger DS LED
    ▹ Stinger HP
    ▹ Stinger XT
• genuine Streamlight brand Stinger battery
    ▹ is an authorized Streamlight distributor


Battery: Yes
Battery#: 3.6V, 2.6Ah
Warranty: Limited 2 year warranty through Streamlight

Part Numbers and UPC Codes

P/N: 75375; UPC: 080926753754; Streamlight Stinger NiMH Battery, 75375

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Streamlight Stinger Battery Ni-MH 75375

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Streamlight Stinger Battery Ni-MH 75375