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Streamlight Scene Light

Portable Scene Light - illuminates a large area

Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable Headlamp

Compact rechargeable headlamp made in the USA

Streamlight Waypoint Rechargeable Spotlight

Compact rechargeable spotlight

Streamlight Double Clutch Rechargeable Headlamp

USB rechargeable headlamp

Fenix HP40H Hunting Headlamp

Hunting headlamp with white and red LEDs

Nitecore EA21 AA Flashlight

Primary white LED and secondary red LED

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Featured Products

Nightstick Mini-TAC UV Penlight
Nightstick Mini-TAC UV Penlight

Output: 365 nm
Battery Type: AAA (2)
Run Time: 0.75 hour
Feature: ultraviolet penlight flashlight



Nightstick Tactical Flashlight with Green LED
Nightstick Tactical Flashlight with Green LED

Output: 150 lumens - GREEN
Battery Type: CR123 lithium
Run Time: 3.5 hours
Feature: bright Green LED - good for hunting



Nightstick Intrinsically Safe AAAA Polymer Penlight
Nightstick Intrinsically Safe AAAA Polymer Penlight

Output: 50 lumens
Battery Type: AAAA alkaline
Run Time: 13.75 hrs
Feature: intrinsically safe; Cree LED; impact and chemical resistant



Energizer Weather Ready Rechargeable LED Light, RCL1NM2WR, power failure flashlight
Energizer Weather Ready Rechargeable LED Light RCL1NM2WR

Output: 8 lumens
Battery Type: rechargeable NiMH
Run Time: 2.75 to 15 hours
Feature: automatically turns on if the power goes out



Fenix E35 LED Flashlight
Fenix E35 Ultimate Edition Flashlight

Output: 360-10 lumens, 900 lumen burst mode
Battery Type: CR123 lithium or 18650 li-ion
Run Time: 3-140 hours
Feature: super bright Cree LED flashlight with 4 brightness levels



Fenix E41 Pocket Search Light
Fenix E41 Searchlight

Output: 1000 to 20 lumens
Battery Type: AA
Run Time: 3 to 140 hours
Feature: high brightness and compact size - only 4.6" long



Maglite ML300LX D-cell Flashlight - choose 2-cell or 3-cell
Maglite ML300LX D-cell Flashlight

Output: 625 to 58 lumens
Battery Type: D-cell alkaline (2 or 3)
Run Time: 6.5 to 117 hours
Feature: tactical grip and matte finish

From $57.95$84.00


Princeton Tec Remix Plus Headlamp
Princeton Tec Remix Plus Headlamp

Output: 165 lumens high
Battery Type: Four AAA batteries; alkaline, lithium, or NiMH rechargeable
Run Time: 5 hours high (regulated), 80 hours low (unregulated)
Feature: Compact AAA headlamp with spot & flood lighting options



Streamlight Portable Scene Light
Streamlight Portable Scene Light

Output: 3600-1100 lumens
Battery Type: lead acid rechargeable
Run Time: 5-18 hrs
Feature: industrial-duty, rechargeable, portable high lumen flood light, extends to 72"



Streamlight Stinger DS HPL

Output: 740 to 190 lumens
Battery Type: Ni-MH rechargeable
Run Time: 1.25 to 4.5 hours
Feature: dual switches; high lumen flashlight with 1,437 foot beam range

From $106.50$240.50


Streamlight Knucklehead HAZ-LO Flood intrinsically safe work light
Streamlight Knucklehead HAZ-LO Flood Work Light

Output: 163-1.3 lumens
Battery Type: Ni-Cd rechargeable or AA alkaline
Run Time: 3.75-12 hours
Feature: intrinsically safe work light; good for utility, oil, gas industrial applications

From $92.95$276.95


ZebraLight SC62w Flashlight with neutral white LED
ZebraLight SC62w Flashlight

Output: 930 to 3.4 lumens
Battery Type: 18650 li-ion rechargeable
Run Time: 2 to 384 hours
Feature: compact flashlight with Cree® Neutral White LED



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