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Streamlight Stinger HPL

New Stinger rechargeable flashlight

Nightstick XPP-5454G Headlamp

Intrinsically Safe Headlamp

Streamlight Waypoint Rechargeable Spotlight

Compact rechargeable spotlight

Princeton Tec Vizz Industrial Headlamp

Princeton Tec Vizz Industrial Headlamp - good for distance and close-up

Pelican 9490 Remote Area Lighting

Remote area lighting system - 6,000 lumens

Streamlight Scene Light

Portable Scene Light - illuminates a large area

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Featured Products

Nightstick Intrinsically Safe AAA Penlight
Nightstick Intrinsically Safe AAA Penlight

Output: 30 lumens
Battery Type: AAA alkaline
Run Time: 18 hrs
Feature: intrinsically safe; Class I, II, III, Div 1 safety approved



Nightstick XPP-5454G Intrinsically Safe Headlamp
Nightstick XPP-5454G Intrinsically Safe Headlamp

Output: 160-60 lumens
Battery Type: 3 x AAA alkaline
Run Time: 3.5-16.75 hours
Feature: Intrinsically safe waterproof headlamp with spot & flood beams



Fenix LD75C High Output Multi-Color Flashlight
Fenix LD75C High Output Multi Color Flashlight

Output: 4200 to 40 lumens
Battery Type: 18650 li-ion (4) or CR123A (8)
Run Time: 1.5 to 175 hours
Feature: multi color output including white, red, green and blue



Fenix UC30 USB Rechargeable Flashlight
Fenix UC30 Rechargeable Flashlight

Output: 960 to 10 lumens
Battery Type: 18650 Li-ion rechargeable
Run Time: 1.16 to 120 hours
Feature: compact USB rechargeable flashlight - only 5.2" long



Maglite ML300LX D-cell Flashlight - choose 2-cell or 3-cell
Maglite ML300LX D-cell Flashlight

Output: 625 to 58 lumens
Battery Type: D-cell alkaline (2 or 3)
Run Time: 6.5 to 117 hours
Feature: tactical grip and matte finish

From $58.95$84.00


Streamlight Siege LED Camping Lantern
Streamlight Siege LED Lantern

Output: 340-10 lumens
Battery Type: D-cell
Run Time: 30-430 hrs
Feature: best lantern; 3 brightness levels in white plus red LED for low light or emergency flashing



Streamlight Siege AA LED Lantern
Streamlight Siege AA LED Lantern

Output: 200 to 0.7 lumens
Battery Type: AA alkaline
Run Time: 7 to 288 hours
Feature: lights up a large area; measures only 5.4" tall



Streamlight Portable Scene Light
Streamlight Portable Scene Light

Output: 3600-1100 lumens
Battery Type: lead acid rechargeable
Run Time: 5-18 hrs
Feature: industrial-duty, rechargeable, portable high lumen flood light, extends to 72"



Streamlight Double Clutch USB Rechargeable Headlamp
Streamlight Double Clutch USB Rechargeable Headlamp

Output: 125 to 30 lumens
Battery Type: lithium ion polymer rechargeable or AAA alkaline
Run Time: 3.5 to 10 hours
Feature: adjustable spot or flood beam with 2 brightness levels

From $43.95$74.95


Streamlight Strion HPL Rechargeable Flashlight
Streamlight Strion HPL

Output: 615 to 160 lumens
Battery Type: lithium ion rechargeable
Run Time: 1 to 3.75 hours
Feature: high lumen flashlight optimized for beam distance

From $92.64$253.95


Nitecore MT06 AAA LED Penlight
Nitecore MT06 Penlight

Output: 165 or 32 lumens
Battery Type: AAA, alkaline or NiMH (2)
Run Time: 0.75 to 5.25 hours
Feature: slips easily into a pocket



ZebraLight SC32 CR123 Flashlight Cool White
ZebraLight SC32 CR123 Flashlight

Output: 480 to 2.7 lumens
Battery Type: 1 x 3V CR123A or 1 x 3.6/3.7V 16340
Run Time: 1.4 to 192 hours
Feature: Measures just 2.6" long



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