The Streamlight Stinger LED series of flashlights consist of the aluminum Stinger and UltraStinger, the PolyStinger with polymer body and Stinger Switchblade work light. All of these models snap into a charging bracket for charging. The High Lumen Stinger HL has a bright beam that can light up a room. The High Performance, High Lumen Stinger HPL with its larger head and deep reflector is optimized for beam distance. The full-size UltraStinger LED has the brightest output and longest beam range in the Stinger Series. Dual switch models (mid-body and tail) are available for the Stinger HL, Stinger HPL and PolyStinger LED models and are designated with DS (Dual Switch) in the product name. The Stinger Switchblade can be snapped into a Stinger charging bracket for charging or directly through it’s USB charging port.

Streamlight Stinger Flashlights